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The Painting of Gale
Ghostpatrol + Hepburn Wind
March 2013

I’m super proud to have been part of this amazing project. 
The Hepburn Windfarm is australia’s first community owed co-op windfarm. The pair of turbines power Daylesford and the surrounding area.

I proudly accepted my friend Simon’s challenge to paint ‘Gale’. I assembled my team, dived into my research and undertook some serious risk assessment, feeling very lucky to have been trusted to paint such an amazing structure. We pitched our tents under the giant blades and got down to work. As far as I know, I’m the first artist to ever paint a mural on a wind turbine (and I can understand why).

The whole process was super humbling. The community of Dalesford and Hepburn welcomed us and showed us the strength of spirit and passion required to make a difference in the world and confront the serious issues of energy and our responsibility to the environment.

::super thanks to: Scottie, Andre, Bernie, Taryn, Simon, Tracey and Arved
::photo and video production: Bernard Winter
::music by Baths

hepburn windfarm construction video and faq
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